Basrah Mas Sets New Benchmark in Safety with 5 Million Man-Hours of Safe Work in Khor Alzubair Oil Terminal EPC Project

5M Work hour

Basrah Mas has recently achieved an outstanding milestone in the ongoing Khor Alzubair Oil Terminal project. The company is proud to announce the attainment of an impressive 5 million man-hours without a single accident, emphasizing its unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety in the workplace.

At the heart of Basrah Mas’s operations is a steadfast dedication to creating and maintaining a safe work environment for all employees. The company understands that a strong focus on safety not only protects the well-being of its workforce but also contributes to the overall success and efficiency of the project. To achieve this remarkable milestone, Basrah Mas has implemented a comprehensive safety management system that includes continuous safety training, systematic risk assessments, and the diligent enforcement of safety protocols. This proactive approach has been instrumental in fostering a culture of safety awareness and accountability among the entire team.

As the Khor Alzubair Oil Terminal project progresses, Basrah Mas remains dedicated to maintaining and even surpassing its current safety achievements. The company will continue to prioritize safety, constantly reviewing and improving its safety management systems to ensure the well-being of its employees and the success of the project.

The 5 million man-hour milestone of safe work is a significant accomplishment for Basrah Mas and serves as an inspiration for the entire industry. By maintaining this level of safety excellence, Basrah Mas continues to establish itself as a leader in the EPC sector, setting new benchmarks for safety and performance.

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