About us

How we do business

We are financially qualified. We work with a high sense of quality and safety.​

Sense of Quality

A high standard of QA/QC

Basrah Mas works hard in completing all projects executed with a high standard of QA/QC following international standards and special clients’ requirements.

We developed our own manuals, which are based on international standards such as B.S., ISO, ASTM, and DIN.


We are proud of our safety track record

In the past three years, we have not recorded any of the following: Injury cases, Epidemic cases, Site incidents(fire, collapse of temporal structures, etc.) or Environmental misconduct.

Our excellent record is due to our in-house safety plans, which are implemented in all of our projects.

Financially Qualified

Sound & qualitative financial capabilities

Our long relationship with well-respected banks has led to sound, qualitative financial capabilities. We are well recognized by the following financial entities:

        • Credit Bank of Iraq
        • Capital Bank of Jordan
        • National Bank of Kuwait