Mas cinema

If you are looking for a destination that will give you a sense of grandeur and elegance, then Mas Cinema is the place to go.


Perched on the bank of Shatt Alarab River, Mas Cinema is located between Basra Bowling Center and Basra Family Park in Al Maaqal, Basra. The cinema rests entirely on tubular steel piles and H-beams using leading engineering techniques and first-class materials. In 10 months only, Basrah Mas managed to complete this project which combines solid structure with state-of-the-art facades.




The building contains two cinema halls that house 77 persons each on luxurious mechanical seats. Both are fixed with a Dolby Sound System and use a Laser Beam projector to ensure the best experience. And for those who are not ready to go home yet, you can continue your evening at the exquisite fine cuisine rooftop restaurant that accommodates around 80 customers.



Basrah Mas continues to introduce only the creme de la creme to the beloved citizens of Basra through all its investment projects proving it is not only a contracting company, and Mas Cinema is no exception!


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