Horizon hotel


Basrah Mas Company for General Contracting LTD



G+8 store building, 4-star hotel, total plot area of 600 m2. The hotel houses 81 rooms and suites in addition to a meeting room, gym, spa, and the main restaurant (Acacia). State of the art finishing was used in decorating the all internal finishing. The furniture was tailor-made to meet the design requirement. All exterior cladding was imported from abroad and tailored to meet designs set.

See Also

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The park is plotted on an area of 17,000 m2, equipped with an up to date amusement ride machines. Making use of the waterway beside the park, there are many water-sport activities like jet skiing and speed boat tours.

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The recreational part of the building accommodates more than 300 persons, well equipped with kitchen and completely resting offshore on bundles mini of piles. The project is an icon in Basra city.

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The design of the project is considered state of the art. The whole structure is on an offshore platform resting on piles.