We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded an EPC contract to execute the construction of the Oil Terminal & Jetty in South Khor Al Zubair (KAZ) Port. With a storage capacity of 355,000 Cubic meters, it is slated to be the biggest marine oil terminal in Iraq.

The project consists of 3 phases, the first phase has already commenced and is expected to be complete within 8 months. This phase will include the construction of the Jetty platform itself with a berthing capacity of 110,000 DWT, as well as the buildings, landscaping, earthworks and roads, and the loading and unloading pumps station. When completed, it is expected to cover an area of 337,500 Square Meters. It will feature 7 Tanks with a total capacity of 125,000 Cubic meters and a railway track to transport oil by train wagons.

Due to the importance and scale of this project, and the fact that it will be needed to accommodate the needs of the Iraqi Market oil export plans, Basrah Mas has a team of more than 500 personnel working around the clock. It is noteworthy that Basrah Mas is using 98% local staff on this project.

“We are delighted with this contract award. Here at Basrah Mas, we are always aiming for a proactive approach which is our way of establishing groundbreaking projects in Iraq.” Says Hassan Khuraibet, CEO at Basrah Mas Co. “However, we could not have been able to do this without our diligent team!”

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